Our Services
Over the years our partners have gained experience in a multitude of industries, now Bluis Forster is here to give you the benefit of that Knowledge, Experience and Learning
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  1. Bookkeeping Services
    Bluis Forster views this as the bread and butter of our business. We set ourselves up with the prime focus being how can we help you. Currently small businesses & sole traders waste over 95 million hours on doing their books. We say waste, because we can do it for you, leaving you free to get on with more important things, secure in the knowledge that your books are in a safe set of hands.
  2. Forecasts & Budgets
    Knowing where your business is going to be in the future is vital for your decision making. Bluis Forster will help you with your forecasts, helping you with your business plans, helping you make sure you are going where you want to be. We can prepare budgets and forecast for you, that will help you with your bank
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  1. Personal Tax
    Personal tax can be complicated, time consuming, and have many pitfalls. Let us do it for you, and remove the stress. Bluis Forster can help you at all stages of your self assement, including looking back at past years to see if you can claim anything back there. If you are new to being self employed we can help you with registering as either self employed or as a limited company.
  1. Business Growth
    Accounts can tell you so much more than just what your profit is. When they are combined with non financial information they can help you understand exactly what your business is achieving, where it is now, and what is likely to happen in the future. Bluis Forster can help you sort the wood from the trees, in a way that is easily understandable for you. We want you to know your business, so that you can grow your strengths, increase your opportunities, and eliminate your weaknesses, and mitigate the threats to your business.
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  1. Business Startup
    Are you setting up a new business? Do you need a limited company set up, Bluis Forster can do all of this for you. We can register your new company for PAYE, VAT and corporation tax at the same time. Bluis Forster can also give you advice about what taxes you need to register for and when. For example with VAT, it is best to register immediately in some industries, and leave it as late as you legally can in others, we can help you with these decisions
  2. IT
    Whilst not an IT company, there are areas where we can help you, whether it's setting up an accounts package for you, data migration from an old package to a new one or simply help with Microsoft Office. We are certified Pro Advisors in Quickbooks, Xero and Sage.
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  1. Payroll
    Bluis Forster are happy to set up your payroll, register you for PAYE. Once set up Bluis Forster can do the necessary payroll calculations to make sure that everyone is being paid the correct amount including pensions and HMRC. we can also help you with your statutory social obligations like Sick pay, Maternity Leave and Workplace Pension schemes.
  1. Statutory Accounts
    When you have a limited company, statutory accounts can be a bit daunting especially when abbreviations like FRSSE and FRS are involved. That's why Bluis Forster can do your accounts. Take the stress away and let us do them for you. We will make sure that they are fully compliant with the company's legal requirements, and we will also explain them to you, so you understand what ultimately you will have to sign off, also just to make it all that little bit easier for you, we can file them on your behalf.